Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy second creation day my babies

Its been 2 years since I created AshBringer and Cliffstrider.

Happy birth day my babies :3

Through out this last year they have been called many things, mary sues, god modding, dependable of cannons.

Well, I start by saying many people don't even know the meaning of these terms, and I'm not here to correct them.

But I did ask the people that called them this why they thought so, and so far none of them used the terms correctly.

I have written so much about them, and made so many pictures, yet I have shown so little of them!

I dont think anyone has a right to judge them yet simply because I have not shown what they're like!

None the less, I am proud of these two, they are my greatest creations to the date, and I love them dearly.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Zoo trip

Went to the zoo this sunday. This isn't a normal opportunity since I have to catch two trains to get there (taking about 2 hours and a half of journey.)

this last page wasnt filled so I kept using it for my own doodles.

baby ember and baby booster being tickled.

ember looks like a caterpillar learning to crawl XD

You can ignore the pregnant ashbringer, I was just testing it out and have sorely regreted it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

some character development

I've been doing quite a few concept sketches of ashbringer's life early on and later on.

I finally got around to doing her alternitive helm (I know that in each universe she goes through a point where she looses it for a while).

in tfa's case that would be in my crossed paths story. and yes she turns white.

I also had the need to further dig into her sparkling story, I know that when they loose their parents she goes work at a forge where they work on new frames for bots, so I thought that maybe she already knew that place from young age. her mother being cybertron's top frame designer and all, she'd have her own personal group of bots to forge the armours.
I created five of them though I am still not done with their designs, I do know they're supposed to look mean scary and intimidating, but when u get to know them they're little children that like rainbow ponies XD.
It explains where some of ash's characteristics comes from, since cliffstrider would rather stick with her mother in the labs (ash got bored).

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

random crap

been fiddling with booster ember and aqualight(zippy) designs for when they're older

a possible project for school

A friend of mine wants to do ash and cliff action figures, we spent an entire day talking details and stuff in how we could do them and I doodled this while we talked.

comic preparation for class 2 page dialog with some specific angles.

candy :3

My computer recently got attacked by a hacker and filled with viruses...so ... no scanner. sorry.
fortuntly I found a way to have photoshop so I'm safe with that for now.
here's a few things I've been doing along with my portfolio.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Video Game King

So, since I had to close my art gallery, I will be merging it here on this blog until my official site is open.
About this peice: did it for the portfolio, Skyblade happens to be one of the best gamers I EVER met, and I mean that, loudmouth and snitch kept challanging him on counterstrike to no avail.
the one who'd win would get the foot holder he is using : P